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Why become a member of Bike Methven?

Our extensive network of trails in the Mt Hutt Bike Park need a lot of maintenance every year; spraying to keep the weeds down, pruning/trimming, remedial work to fix any water damage created by heavy rainfall, clearing treefall created by strong winds and/or snow, and also to develop new trails to keep things fresh and interesting. So that's where your membership money goes, to keep the trails in tiptop condition.

Also if you plan on doing any racing XC, DH, Road or BMX your membership also allows you to compete as we are an affiliated club to Mountain Bike New Zealand (MTBNZ), so all your insurance and eligibility to get a race licence are covered.

So if you love riding as much as we do, become a member!

The annual anniversary date for club membership is the 1st September, marking the new season. Invoices will be sent out to existing members just prior.

Annual membership prices are:

- $20 for a Junior (15 years old and younger on the 1st September at the start of a new season)

- $40 for an Individual

- $80 for a Family. People 18 years of age and over are expected to join as a $40 member, especially if living away from parents! (Hey we are only a small club right!?)

Watch out for Maintenance Days via our Facebook page. If you enjoy the tracks, then please help. Many hands make light work - don't leave it to just a few volunteers - that's never sustainable!

Please help us to invest in trails for you!

Membership Form

Please complete the following form. You will receive a confirmation by email which contains our banking information. We must receive your completed application form before membership is valid.

A parent/caregiver must sign on behalf of riders aged under 18 years of age. 

I agree and understand the following:

  1. I participate in events organised by the club entirely at own risk. I have considered and understood the nature of such events. I am sufficiently responsible and will be responsible for my own safety.
  2. I know that events may take place on public roads and assume responsibility for my own safety in relation to other traffic and observe the laws relating to road traffic.
  3. I agree that while participating in any event I do so without any liability whatsoever on the part of the club, committee, event organiser, or any club or organisation affiliated thereto or its officials or members, in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by me due to my own actions.
  4. I confirm that I have no disability or medical condition, physical or mental, which could affect my ability to ride safely. I understand that I must notify the secretary of the club at once if I become subject to a disability or medical condition, physical or mental, which could affect my ability to ride safely.
  5. I consent to any emergency treatment necessary during the course of an event. I authorise the event organiser(s) to sign on my behalf any consent required by the hospital authorities, in the case where a surgical operation or serum injection may be deemed necessary, providing that the delay involved to obtain my signature may be considered in the opinion of a doctor or surgeon concerned, likely to endanger my health or safety.
  6. I acknowledge that my bicycle and personal belongings are transported at my own risk and it is my responsibility to ensure that my bicycle is secured before transport commences.
* Required